Digital Marketing Specialist Training

Advanced Training Program

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The Most Affordable Digital Marketing Course on the Internet

This course will give you complete knowledge of digital marketing. You start from scratch and slowly step by step the course will take you to the depth of digital marketing. Even if you are a slow learner then also you will understand every module perfectly. This course will help you become a full-stack digital marketer. You will be able to do freelancing or apply for your dream companies with confidence.

Course Duration: 4 Months

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Domain planning & Types of Hosting
  3. Installing WordPress using cPanel
  4. SSL installation on WordPress website
  5. WordPress website Environment Set up
  6. WordPress website SEO setup
  7. Premium WordPress Website Design without code
  8. Keyword planning & research
  9. Google Trends
  10. SEO Content Creation
  11. Full Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Earning with Google Adsense using free website
  14. Social Media Optimization (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter)
  15. Social Media Advertisement (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter)
  16. Search Engine Advertisement (Google Ads)
  17. YouTube Marketing
  18. Email list building strategy
  19. Landing page creation for lead generation
  20. Email Marketing
  21. Earning with Affiliate Marketing
  22. Google my business
  23. Ecommerce website creation.