Heat Management System
Starting at 14 USD

Heat Management System HS

Made to heat tobacco properly.

We proudly present our Heat Management System. Thousand hookah enthusiasts around the world like this device due to its simplicity and thoughtful functions. The HMS is worthy to take place in your collection of hookah accessories.


- You don't need to worry about fire safety because the HMS is equipped with adjustable (65 - 100 mm) special clamping jaws.

- Made in Russia with high quality stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum.

- More volume for coal. The HMS can hold 4 cubes with 22mm side or 3 with 25mm respectively.

- The HMS preserves heat longer than any other device (It weighs 30% more than a standard kaloud.) It could be preheated before using.

- The HMS have the same design's features as the hookah NIGHT.

- Device can be made with customer's logo.

Heat Management System

Made to heat hookah tobacco properly.