First time mother

First time mother or we can day becoming a mother first time is a gift but equally comes with lots of responsibility, As the baby takes birth a mother is also born along with it. The life takes turn 360 degrees. When a tiny hands touches you, it changes your life. It felt blessed. First time mother goes with a lot of phases her hormones , her mental level and physical level changes randomly. To become first time mother for some woman is challenging, First time becoming mother is also a beautiful journey. A mother finds her heart outside the body…his baby is everything for her.

We are actually fortunate enough that we actually talk what we are going through with friends, relatives, social groups. First time mother is too much anxious to know what is good for her baby. She often does research for her baby.There are many people who are coming forward to initiate her journey like Sameera Reddy, Mansi with her channel mom com. Nowadays people are living nuclear family it helps them. Various blogs and vlogs are available.

First time mother

Motherhood is actually journey from you to your children. Every mother try to adopt what is the best for her baby. We all do research which feeding bottle is good, what formula generally preferred by mother, bath technique, diaper, massage technique , rash cream etc.There are various videos how people taking care of their children. What kind of food should we give to baby?How they are dealing to baby cold ..which pediatrician they are taking. Learning and learning this phase goes on .

Major responsibility

In our country usually kids responsibility to mother only. Moreover woman are also working nowadays, but now the organization are giving maternity leave when the supreme board made this legal. #maa ko sab kuch pata hota hai. #perfectmother, comparison of earlier practices of raising kids, being better is also done by some women. What the definition of perfect mother, Every imperfect mother is perfectly perfect, she is growing along with her child. If she takes profession along with baby ,she is greedy for money. Moreover people shouldn’t judge First time mother goes with various challenges of responsibility. According to time she learns with curiosity and passion.

First time mother learns lessons from babies

We learn things from our babies like to be happy for any reason , be busy within self,hence motherhood is a journey with lots of pro and cons and hence enjoy the time. Parents boost their children you can do anything whatever you want to be. Sometimes parents need their boosting too. Children give life lesson to us. Parenting includes companionship with husband and family, Family acts as a warrior for the children.

I remember this quote Nehru ji said that “if you educate a man you educate an individual, however, if you educate a woman you educate a whole family” simplifies what motherhood is. Motherhood is 24×7 duty which is matter of fact.

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