How to create a website?

We can create a website very easily. At first we need to buy domain & hosting. We have the various options to purchase it from godaddy, Bigrock, hostinge, namechip and blue chip etc.

Basically we are using for purchasing domains and hosting.

First we have to login to the New users have to create their account and person who have already account can directly access it.

The first condition before you create a website is choosing right domain is required as we know domain gives a image to the end user it should be easy to remember for example ola Myntra Zomato swiggy.

In godaddy go on domain. Check your domain name if availablity is there then purchase it or change your domain name according to your suitability.

Hosting – It is a kind of service we take to keep our domain in Internet which provides storage and service for our website.

After purchasing domain and hosting important part is to link them.

  1. Login to GoDaddy account
  2. Click on management page for the domain name we wanted to get hosting.(incase having multiple domain are present)
  3. Then Manage DNS for the selected domain name
  4. Then scroll down to nameserver. There will be two option first default nameserver and custom option. Choose custom option.
  5. We have to copy in NS1 & NS2.
  6. Just Click on the Save button.

login to your cpanel then install wordpress

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