Digital Marketing Course


Course Details:

Name of the Course: Digital Marketing
Trainer: Ranjan Barman
Number of Classes: 24
Weekly Classes: 2 days/week


Digital Marketing Course Module

1. Website Creation
2. CPanel Tutorial
3. WordPress set up
4. SSL installation
5. SEO Set up
6. Google Analytics set up
7. Google & Bing Webmaster Tools set up
8. Google Adsense set up
9. Keyword Research
10. SEO Content Planning & Creation
11. Landing page creation for lead generation
12. Running Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, Linkedin
13. Search Engine Ad creation using Google AdWords
14. YouTube Ad creation
15. Affiliate Marketing
16. Email Marketing
17. E-commerce website creation
18. Graphic Design
19. Video Editing
20. Doubt clearance sessions (5 classes)


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